John Massage Maui Mobile Massage services

John Massage Maui Mobile Massage services

John Massage Maui Mobile Massage servicesJohn Massage Maui Mobile Massage servicesJohn Massage Maui Mobile Massage services

Professional Licensed Therapeutic Massage in the comfort of your home, hotel or vacation retreat.     Hawaii State Massage License    MAT # 6312

As Massage Therapist i continue to follow CDC Guidelines

cdc guidelines are followed here for the covd-19 virus

 CDC Guidelines include vigilant hand washing and environmental cleaning. 

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About John, the Therapist


My massage practice and experience

 I am a Hawai’i state licensed massage therapist (MAT - 6312) with 4 decades of full-time practice currently focusing on remedial and relaxation massage therapy and foot reflexology.   

My intent with each individual is to develop a state of improved well-being, to assist you through improved equilibrium and greater range of motion as well as lowering and/ or eliminating pain responses. Additionally (*when appropriate)  I guide an understanding of pain responses and the significance of the body signaling  as a path to acceptance and empowerment thus successfully to navigate pain responses towards true healing, fostering self-awareness as a true "wholistic" outcome & purpose in our therapeutic relationship.   

Having traveled to over 70 countries I have experienced massage from many cultures, my years of practice have led me to the style of massage.... called “Russian Remedial Massage” which focuses on thoroughly warming the tissues and loosening the myofascial layers in order to attain deep muscle flush and easing of pain. Years of consistent practice and receiving massages myself all add to my baseline of knowledge and expertise in the field of therapeutic massage.  

A passion of mine is “Foot Reflexology”which may be added on as COMBO to any treatment or as a single session.  

Appointments are tailored to your specific needs from "localized massage" which targets a specific part of the body, to full body with combinations which may include foot reflexology.  Each and every appointment begins with a brief intake for that days session which designs a realistic outcome each time.  

A graduate of the “Florida School of Massage” (very first class) 1978-79, our curriculum focused on “Scientific Massage,” as a style of massage treatment that is distinguished by the enhancement of physiological function as well as relaxation. 

 I am a former teacher of “Swedish Massage” for Ga. state certification & licensing as well as  student clinic supervisor for ASHA, “The Academy of Somatic Healing Arts” in Atlanta, Ga.  

In addition within the  4 decades I have taught educational workshops for the general public and conducted speaking engagements  on various topics including “Couples Massage,” “Foot Reflexology,” “Aroma Therapy for Self Care," "Benefits of Massage"and “Therapeutic Traits in The Practice of Massage", to list a few, both on land and at sea.   My travels to over 70 countries allowed me to observe massage techniques around the world and provided me the opportunity to receive massage from these different cultures, expanding my knowledge base and refining my level of expertise with specific techniques.    

This life journey includes many years of providing professional "clinical massage" adjunctive to medical and chiropractic practices, including sporting clubs and gyms, and over 6 years of "Aromatherapy Spa" massage treatments aboard 5-star spas at sea to a global clientele  aboard luxury cruise ships. I have been in private practice here on Maui since 2001.   I am a well-seasoned massage therapist ready to assist and work with the challenges your body may be asking you to address.


Rates + Scheduling appointments and availability

 Whether scheduling massage appointments in advance when planning  your vacation retreat to Maui or at the last minute. 


 I monitor calls closely and will respond asap to your voice mail messages.  ( I do not book first time appointments via texts only ) Remember we are on HAWAII TIME when calling. 

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7 days a week, phone opens 9am - 6pm  


Foot Reflexology... Is Good For You!

 Foot Reflexology is an ancient healing system consisting of micro massage movements to the joints and soft tissues applied to the entire surface of the feet, As a reset to bring about a greater homeostasis response and enhanced equilibrium to internal systems of the body. Practiced in cultures worldwide.  

 I have used this type of foot treatment/massage for people who are uncomfortable with receiving full body massage and for those who specifically enjoy the benefits of a thorough "Foot Reflexology" session, having given thousands of treatments over the course of my career.

About Therapeutic Massage

Questions and concerns ? Feel free to contact me. (Or read my latest article on Linked In)

Massage Styles


Deep Tissue "Therapeutic Massage"

Requiring advanced levels of training and practice...

In my "Deep Tissue Massage" practice I reach systematically into and through layers of  muscles, fascia, and tendons to soften, open and release knots and residual fascia tightness also addressing the  pressure points throughout the body, increasing circulation. Flushing out accumulated lactic acid build up and eliminating sore muscle restrictions due to chronic trigger points and fatigue by-product build up . 

Specific to "myofascial pain syndromes."

This massage is beneficial for everyone including athletes and those who sit for long periods of time. 

For chronic muscle pain,

Repetitive movement syndromes,

 and post surgery,

 Pre or post sport event,

 or to heal strains and sprains more quickly to lessen recovery time. ( a very common request here on Maui )


Russian Remedial massage involves spending 50% of time loosening and softening the soft tissue layers and fascia in systematic progression as we move deeper thru the layers of soft tissues.. to each area of specific work or full body. 

Specifically avoiding the "fight or flight response "  common during most deep tissue massages. 

This protects and assures that the central nervous system  and any  damage presenting in the session  to the soft tissues continues to heal , relax and unwind without incurring added pain . These sessions normally are 90  minutes and may require a series of sessions to achieve full recovery for full body massages and Half hour for target specific areas when that is all the client needs.  

Many clients request specific body areas for enhanced sport and movement capacity. Thus a single 90 min. session may be a focused session with tremendous results. 



Swedish Massage

 Simply put... a light to medium pressure massage using long flowing strokes that are harmonizing and hypnotic. Calming the nerves and replenishing the skin. 

In my practice a "general" full body relaxation Swedish massage is without any specific targeted work.   

My goal of Swedish Massage is to reduce and soften muscle/nervous stress tension and increase the blood and lymphatic flow to your heart and overall circulation. 


An application of the  full body generalized massage with a "total body-mind focused" style of rhythmic flow. 

A combination of light to firm pressure which calms the central nervous system and adds physical enjoyment that is the genuine benefit of  a  pure  full body "Swedish relaxation" massage

What about my aches and pains?

For specific detailed work see DEEP TISSUE. 

Because Swedish Massage involves repetitive  long rhythmic strokes with light to firm pressure you will benefit from flushing muscle toxins, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, and improve flexibility in the body while calming the mind and overall nervous system.

 The true focus is relaxation over all, physically and mentally. This does not include deep specific pain release work. 

60 min is the most requested and preferred application of this style. Achieving a lighter euphoric full body and mind result.

This is a  slow, light to medium pressure rhythmic style flowing relaxation massage practiced all over the world. The most common form of relaxation massage, hypnotic and soothing. 


Hot Stone Massage, Pohaku Lomi

Pohaku Lomi ( Hot Stone Massage ) is combined but not limited to Swedish Massage technique.  Pohakus ( Stones ) are heated and used with oils to sooth, warm, and massage your muscles. This allows your body to receive a  more deeply and  immediately felt "relaxation response" with  released tension and stress. 

Deep heat is transferred thru the stones rapidly into tissues creating a marvelous muscle flush with release that is an unforgettable massage which truly melts  away dense muscle tightness and flushes toxins. 

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